Travelling with disc Brake


  • Better braking power with less effort.
  • It doesn’t wear the Rim
  • Still working even with a buckled wheel
  • More efficient under the rain
  • It uses standard cables and levers (mechanical and hybrid disc brake)

I recommend : Hybrid Disc Brakes like Juin Tech M1 that are great for travelling : Hydraulic tank is on the brake, with very low maintenance (mineral oil will have to be changed after 10 years) avalaible See our website to know more about it :)

Cons – traveling with disc brakes

  • You have to put protections the discs when you carry your bike in plane, train (long trip : take a spare disc) or coaches.

Full hydraulic system / including Magura Rim Brakes
– More power : superior breaking performance
– More responsive and progressive
– In case of failure (most of the time a broken lever) parts are harder to find than they are with the common V-Brakes.

Traveling with hydraulic dis brakes, you’ll chose models that are easy to bleed (Shimano) and that are using mineral oil.
Mineral oil can stay for years in the breaks.
DOT oil, efficient for cars isn’t for trekking bicycles brakes, it need to be serviced more often (small tanks, moisture absorption caracteristics.)

Surly Troll : best of both worlds.

This frame kit is know as “swiss knife” of traveling bicycles, it can handle both brake systems (maximal tires size up to 2.0 inches) : brake pad and disc brake.
Travelers can ride peacefuly everywhere with disc brakes and replace one by a v-brake or cantilever in case of trouble :)