Witch Dynamo hub should I choose?

Choosing a dynamo hub depends on your budget, and on the number of kms you would like to ride without repairing or replacing it.

The german manufacturer sells the more expensive dynamo hubs of the market, bu also those who has the longer lasting life without changing the bearings (around 50.000km). Used with a very long lasting Rim (like Andra Rims) the SON is an excellent choice for a long distance travelling bike.
Build on another Rim, the SON (SCHMIDT) Dynamo hub bearings will survive up to 5 rims!

– Lifetime (5 years warranty), and superior quality of the SKF bearings used.
– Quality and versality of the connectors
– Superior finish

Cons :
– Price
– You have to send back the Son Dynamohub to the factory (Germany) to change the bearings.

Shutter Precison – PD-8X & Cie
Taiwan manufacturer SP produces very powerful dynamohub, cheaper than SON and even more efficient.
Pros :
– Performances equals or event higher than the Schmidt hub
Cons :
– Bearing of less quality than the SKF used by SON
– Middle range quality of the connector (but ergonomicaly superior to Shimano)
– You have to send back the SP Dynamohub to the Shutter Precision factory (Taiwan) to change the bearings.

Shimano DH 3N72, LX, Alfine, DH 3N80, XT
All these dynamo hubs are nearly equal, inferiors models have poor performances
Pros :
– Life time similar to the SP (half of the SON)
Cons :
– Performances a bit under thoses of SON and SP (drag with lights off)
– Middle range connector (poor ergonomy)
No serviceable