Rohloff Speedhub Oil Change every Year / 3000 miles

1 . Inject the rinsing oil (Kerozen) using the the seringe

2. Have a little ride, change 3rd and 5th speed in order  to put every internal parts of the Rohloff Speedhub in action.

3. Connect the seringe, let pass the night (or at least 15 minutes) and pump to empty the hub.

The Rohloff bleeding process removes only the dirty elements that weight more than clean oil.

2,5cl : is the quantity of oil you first inject in a brand new empty Rohloff speedhub.

Usually only 2/3 of the bottle is needed.

!! Be careful : injecting too much oil in your Speedhub will produce oil leaks

Fill up to the double lips joint.

See also this video from Rohloff…