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Strong Trekking Wheel : Andra 30 La Fourmi

Oliver’s rim failed in Africa, so he has ordered me a strong wheel.
Andra’s Rim are renowned for longs travels and world tours, they are made to build bombproof wheels in association with a strong hub and quality spokes.
I’ve built Oliver’s new 26″ rear trekking wheel with an XT 756 rear hub, the last strong hub built by shimano, that is fortunately still produced these days.
After building, the wheel was stress-relieved up it was stabilized and ready for the road.
I’ve built my personnal Trekking Bike rear Wheel with an Andra 30, 28 inches Rim.

2 thoughts on “Strong Trekking Wheel : Andra 30 La Fourmi

  1. Hello
    I want to build a pair of wheels using Andra 30 rims. Can you share the ERD used for your wheels?

    1. Hi !
      The best is to measure each rim, because there can be small differences between each rim.
      ERD for Andra 30 is :
      Size 559/584/622
      ERD 537/562/599
      See also tha Andra page on Ryde Website :

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